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Audiotx Communicator 1.5e 1 11

/28/10 11:25 AM Page 123 123 [11/28/10 11:25:03 AM] Wish for safe return of escape pod for more credits If I had some more credits I would appreciate you asking someone to share the cost of someone returning my escape pod back to me after this course. I have heard about a dozen different ships going back for folks, and since my ship is "on the way" I thought I'd ask you to be the one to help me get it back. If you are fine with it I would like to pay for your costs in retrieving it. I will appreciate your confirmation once you have recovered it. I'll try and calculate a cost, and let you know. You are more than welcome to pay it. Though I'm only certain I have enough credits for the fuel. If you want, I can go ask someone else, if you want. On behalf of another person who found their way here through you, I thank you for your time and effort. ^^ Blessings! Your friend, Vodoo Rest assured, your escape pod will be safe and sound at its destination. =) [11/28/10 11:26:54 AM] Do the right thing, and sell the resource I need. If you can't sell it to the right person, sell it yourself. If you have something and are willing to part with it for a fair price, do so, and I'll buy it. [11/28/10 11:36:18 AM] Get a Big One. Big Space Ships do not go away. I know the game, and you must know the game. And I want to get the name of the person who bought the rest of my course, at least for credits, and if possible take some pictures or record it. Any new members I'd like to give a "Welcome to NextStep" salute. We are all strangers in the machine here, and it would be a pleasure to help one another get the most out of NextStep. With Warm Thoughts, Moogle44 New Member - Support [11/28/10 11:40:24 AM] If you are in the purchasing mode you can't give cash or

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